Develop lessons that incorporate current neuroscience research

Build a successful and functional team with different personality and learning styles

Understand how the brain learns and retains information to create a holistic brain-based classroom

Presentations teaching ALL the current brain-considerate research

Learn how to incorporate highly effective, brain-based considerate skills based elements

Brain based learning is the essence of student centered learning and focuses on student's passion and interests. It's the basis of projects, problem, place-based-based learning and incorporates hands on inquiry, curiosity, and play into every lesson.

Custom Curriculum and Rubrics developed for your grade level and subject area.

neurons of nervous system

K - 12

nervous system







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“ Wonderful workshop, I learned so many things about my student's brain and the way they learn and am so excited to take back the tips and apply this to my curriculum”   

American Association of Women in Community Colleges Manager

“Laurel is an engaging and funny trainer, she made sure that we felt that we were in control of our curriculum writing and she was there to support us.  She did not make me feel like everything I was currently doing was wrong, but there were ways that I could enhance or improve my current science courses.  Very glad that I attended this session”  

Eron Nielson

Seattle Pacific University

“I really loved the interactive nature of the workshops, she had us up and doing the actual lessons and showing us how our brain works and memory works.  I really liked the anatomy of the brain and how the neurons worked…… My favorite part was having time to work with other teachers on my own curriculum right there in the workshop so I wouldn’t go home and forget what I wanted to add." 

Medford Public Schools Valley School Teacher

“My plan is to have all of my teachers take this training, I have rarely seen a presentation where you have the time to actually do the work during the workshop and come out with your lessons changed and a way to save the teachers and your students hours of unnecessary time and effort that does not allow them to retain information.  I really liked the student centered learning and the teachers having balance in their lives by having students grading each other and peer review and reflection in a Socratic seminar.  It really prepares students to take criticism without making it personal and will allow them to gain those skills that it takes to work on a team effectively.”  Great course, I would definitely take it again.”  

Sue McCrummen

Federal Way Public Schools

“I absolutely loved the part about how our senses guide our memory and how we need to have an emotional connection to what we are learning.  This workshop made me want to go get some of the books and read more research that was mentioned during the course.  So glad that I came and I hope that our school will hire her again for a longer seminar so that we can really delve into some of the other ideas that we did not have time to explore like the mind maps and the problem and place based learning.” 

Bonnie Ryan

Rogue Community College


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